Size Guide for Plus Size Clothing at XL.Promodoro – Promodoro Ltd.
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    We know that finding the right size for each product is a big deal and that's why we are 100% dedicated to making clothes in larger sizes, so that we can focus all our efforts on getting it just right. We exclusively carry bigger sizes, ranging from XL to 5XL for men and XL to 3XL for women (thats 16 to 26 in UK sizes).

    So which XL are you? To help you find your perfect fit, we have included a size chart on every product page with all the measurements of the item you are looking at - that way you will know exactly which size to choose to find your perfect match. 

    We also have a "Find Your Body Shape" feature to help you identify which type of body shape you have so that we can recommend clothes that will suit you best!